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Foreclosures in Georgia

The Truth about Foreclosure and Bankruptcy in Georgia

Superior legal assistance for those facing foreclosure

If you’re like most people struggling under the burden of unpaid bills and debts, keeping your home is your number one priority.  With the threat of foreclosure looming, you may feel too overwhelmed or anxious to think clearly about what steps to take next.

Jeff Field & Associates can help you. With more than 70 years of combined experience, we have the tools and the knowledge to assist you through the bankruptcy process. Our dedicated Georgia bankruptcy attorneys guide you with dignity and respect down the path to debt relief.

Bankruptcy may help you keep your home

Too many people believe they should be ashamed to “go bankrupt.” In reality, declaring bankruptcy is often the smartest move you can make — especially when you’re in danger of losing your home to foreclosure. If your debts are large but manageable under different circumstances, we explore the benefits of filing for Chapter 13.  If your debts are insurmountable, we can help you file Chapter 7, which eliminates your debts and may help you avoid foreclosure completely.

We always put you first

At Jeff Field & Associates, we are keenly aware of your circumstances.  We do whatever is within our power to make the bankruptcy process as stress-free as possible.  To help you avoid foreclosure, we may proceed with the following:

  • Implementing the automatic stay. The automatic stay functions as a court-issued cease and desist against your creditors.  If you’re being harassed by collectors, we’ll take action to protect you.
  • Stripping off mortgages. Many people facing foreclosure have two or even three mortgages on their homes. If you file for Chapter 13, we may be able to eliminate those additional mortgage obligations by having them relabeled as unsecured debt.
  • Eliminating other debts. By filing Chapter 7, you can eliminate other outstanding debts and may allow you to make up back payments on your mortgage, helping you avoid foreclosure.

We want you to keep the home you worked so hard to get.  Our foreclosure attorneys create options for your future, and offer advice based on those options.  We always work with you, helping you regain control over your life.

Take control of your finances and reclaim your life

Jeff Field & Associates represents clients in Rome,  Atlanta, Gainesville, Newnan, Macon and Athens. Please visit our Blog site to view posts by our attorneys for additional information about bankruptcy and a variety of other topics we hope you will find interesting and helpful. To schedule an appointment call us at 404-381-1278 or contact us online. From offices conveniently located in Douglasville, Lawrenceville, Marietta and  Scottdale,  Jeff Field & Associates is able to help people throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area and beyond.

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