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At Jeff Field & Associates, we work to provide a positive experience for our clients. Our clients come to us searching for relief from the “built-up” stress of debt, to discuss options to control that debt, and protect their assets as they move forward to a life-changing fresh financial start. Although Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are the most common options selected by our clients, our attorneys can also assist you in exploring available non-bankruptcy options for a “fresh start.”

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a fresh start form of bankruptcy involving the elimination of all or a portion of debt. You cannot eliminate certain debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as child support, alimony, student loans and most taxes. Most individuals are generally concerned with keeping their home, vehicle and personal property. As long as there is little equity and you keep current with loan payments, you can keep your property. The costs associated with filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are court filing fees, credit counseling fees and attorney fees. Read more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is a consolidation and repayment form of bankruptcy for individuals with regular income. It provides protection from your creditors while allowing you to keep property and repay creditors in a manageable way. Based on the amount of your debts, income and living expenses, an attorney can help you establish a three- to five-year repayment plan. The plan payment amount is a set payment paid to a Chapter 13 trustee, who distributes the money to your creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good choice for individuals who have regular income and want to retain property by repaying their creditors in an affordable way. Read more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy


Bankruptcy offers solutions for those faced with losing their homes.  By declaring bankruptcy, you’re able to eliminate a large amount of your debt — and you may be able to keep your house, too. We’ve been creating options for clients on the brink of foreclosure for decades. Read more about foreclosure

Non-Bankruptcy Options

Many individuals can take advantage of consolidation, settlement or management programs to work through extensive debt. However, particularly in the current economic downturn, people can lose money by placing their trust in debt relief companies running scams against susceptible consumers. Our attorneys have more than seven decades of combined experience helping clients find reputable debt relief solutions. Learn more about non-bankruptcy solutions for debt relief. Read more about non-bankruptcy options

Take control of your finances and reclaim your life

From offices conveniently located in Athens, Douglasville, GainesvilleLawrenceville, Marietta and Scottdale,  Jeff Field & Associates is able to help people throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area and beyond. To schedule an appointment call 404-381-1278 or contact us online. Jeff Field & Associates represents clients in Rome,  Atlanta, Gainesville, Newnan, Macon and Athens.

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